Family Reacting To Mans 130 Pounds Weight Loss



Feeling like poop, those first few days.


It is all coming back to me, slight headaches,fatigue, just the blaasss. It is familiar, the coming off sugar, GMO’s, white flour, etc. The key is to again baby yourself. I have no intention of forcing myself to work out when I feel like this. My body is feeling repercussions of eating unwell, and will begin to heal. It knows what it is doing. I just need to keep on putting in healthy foods and my body will do the rest. Know it doesn’t last and you come out the other end feeling better than you ever did on loads of  preservatives, additives sugar, bad fats, and flour. Just gotta keep on keeping on.

The ironic thing is I know that in 3 or 4 days, II will an energy surge and WANT to walk and add in movement in the day. It’ll all work out. I promise.

What If?


What if all you thought about the issue of weight and it’s relationship to you is wrong? What if in fact through all the self-analysis, self-help books, and self-deprecation if not self-hate, there is in fact nothing wrong with you. Not even any part of your size 22 body. Fat, so much hatred for a 3 letter word. It is a state of being, one that is not static.Maybe the removal of it is so difficult because you have convinced yourself you already view yourself as a failure and somehow morally corrupt before  you have even started.

What if you began healthy food and exercise habits with nothing but self-love and adoration. And what if that belief in you was the key to moving through all of life’s challenges without turning to habits that make you feel horrible. What if because of those challenges and because of your adoration of self, you chose relief in ways that made you feel good, not just in the moment but long after. Then you will not be adding to your feelings with guilt, but subtracting from it because of your tender, feel good and loving choices.

Maybe there is a place from some people for the tough love method. But Jillian Michaels and I would clash  I know. I am critical  of myself, self-deprecating, bordering of self-loathing at times with dieting guilt. Time for another road.

Time to try another way.The saying is “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” Maybe for me it will be, “Treat yourself as you treat those you adore the most.”